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Partnering with museums to enhance science education

on May 16, 2014
This morning, Jim Short of the American Museum of Natural History moderated a panel with the New York Hall of Science, the Chicago Museum of Science and  Industry , the Urban Advantage and the Franklin Institute discussing successes in partnering with schools to build upon what happens in the classroom. Informal education used to be “the fun stuff” kids learned about outside of their science class. Now it is all about  bridging the gap between the science classroom and what happens with informal education in the museums and science centers.
Teachers and museums have long term partnerships with these entities in informal science ed. The museums can no longer ignore the standards if they want to impact science education.  
Several questions were asked, such as,  How has this partnership changed how you work with teachers?One day workshops are obsolete – that is the old model   Week long and long term – new paradigm for science classroom support and partnering.

A long term relationship has changed their lens into the classroom and how they interact, for the better.I am interested in how some of our area resources, such as Tellus, will be able to partner with us!

Some other nuggets mentioned how teachers needed more time to reflect upon lessons and outreach, and have common science teacher planning time to make the best use of implementing and maximizing these resources.

These folks WANT to partner with schools – they do best with committed teachers and the backing of their principals on a school level. Many urban school districts have 4 or 5 superintendents in an 8 to 10 year time span. Gaining their approval is not the key link they need to go after to implement those partnerships.

Great hour on conversation and discussion!


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