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Conference evaluation and to-do list

on May 17, 2014

While May is an insane time of year to to be away and muster up lots of enthusiasm, this was a GREAT conference!  It was a lot smaller than the national NSTA conferences so I felt like I was able to really see everything on the exhibit floor and get to lots of workshops. It wasn’t as overwhelming as some of those larger conferences. Some excellent sessions I wanted to check out, I could not get to because there was only one of me – but the good thing is I can contact any of the presenters and connect!  The NSTA website also is my resource for materials from sessions I was not able to get to. I also ran into a teacher on my flight who taught one of my own girls – we talked a bout her experiences in science – and now I want to go visit some STEM schools in our metro area.  They have facilities and schedules I want to see!  A STEM lab – can you imagine?! For all the excellent books I browsed through in the NSTA store, I will have to compare notes with my colleagues and make sure we pick the best ones for our school to share and avoid buying duplicates.  I want to have my lessons on podcasts or on some of the video apps I learned about so I can possibly do a flipped classroom – I love the potential this holds! There are a whole long list of project-based-learning units I would LOVE to see implemented in our school!

1. Email teachers and others from sessions

2. Purchase NSTA books

3. Visit other STEM schools in Atlanta

4. Make a list of projects I want my students to do

5. Start making podcasts and videos for Flipped Classroom

6. Write a thank you note to the most supportive and wonderful PTA ever!

I can’t say it enough, thank you so much, PTA and Kittredge, for sending me to the New Orleans STEM Expo!


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