Science in the Middle

doing 6th grade science – outside the box!

Photo journal : STEM conference

on May 18, 2014

20140517-223823.jpgEveryone knows this fellow from the Lego Movie – the conference is awesome!

20140517-223845.jpgA school sharing their ideas

20140517-223916.jpgHigh school students demonstrating what they’ve learned

20140517-223932.jpgAnimal themed robotics teach coding

20140517-223956.jpgKing Arthur flour comes to schools for assemblies where the kids all bake bread and there is a school wide donation event afterwards – talk about greater good!

Joy Baumann, one of my  fellow Honeywell Educators 2013 – reminiscing together about last summer!


Life science lessons – genetics and STEM 20140517-224036.jpg

20140517-224054.jpgMaking a “robotic arm” in a group in a workshop

20140517-224126.jpgSome great books I’d like to add to my library!

20140517-224143.jpgA couple of hours at the WWII museum was time well spent. Thank you veterans for saving the world from fascism!


20140517-224215.jpgA tinkering and makers workshop

20140517-224226.jpgBicycle parades are common in the French Quarter – I’ll bet this one has been to a few!


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