Science in the Middle

doing 6th grade science – outside the box!

ISTE Atlanta 2014

on July 2, 2014

Three days of poster sessions, BYOD workshops, playgrounds, networking and a huge exhibit floor is a lot to digest! Good thing it is in the middle of summer! I built my first app and enjoyed my first King of Pops treat. I met new gurus to follow on twitter and set up trial accounts to check stuff out for the next month or so. Surprise! I am already flipping my classroom and can’t wait to do more! Great to know Edmodo is embraced by so many as a flipping tool. There are so many new resources and opportunities I have learned about.  Here are some memorable take-a-ways from the conference:

Free science interactives for science from Concord Consortium 


I love this student PSA poster for digital citizenship, and I agree!

Digital citizenship student project ideas

Flipped classroom checklist from Lee Graves

Ben Smith and Jared Mader – Apps to learn science – tools found in apps never intended for education – great concise ref sheet. EdTech Innovators rock!

Kristin Mixson Google drive use and flipping videos

Converting my presentations to video for flipped delivery


I learned that I (teachers, in general) am a bad talking head. Let something creative do the talking!


How to create, animate and jazz up content videos

Al Pajak‘s What the Flip? session on adding creativity to my flipped classroom


Student “anchors” from Mexico City

Student run school newscast -potential genius hour club


MY first QR code will be at my door on back-to-school night.

Using QR codes in the classroom and throughout the school – CREATIVELY!

Backchannel use during class, such as Today’s Meet

Sean Junkins – iTunes U

Google and NASA playground ideas

Using Google drive to store student work

Appademics – building an app without coding with App Shed – Sean O’ Neil and Christopher Kauter – super!


My first attempt at building an app – this is from 2 hours of work and learning!

Tammy’s technology tips

Stop-motion animation ideas – Bennesse

King of Pops peach popsicles

PD ideas – one trainer requires her teachers to visit a school anytime they attend an out of state conference (She was from Hawaii!) Some of our district wide PD is downright shameful after everything I saw here! In February of this year, Chicago Public Schools made the national news for an embarrassing youtube of  how NOT to do PD.

A couple of surprises. No one talked about using Pinterest for student work or portfolios, and didn’t see PowToons on the expo floor.  Happy to see – so may using Edmodo and Youtube playlists.

I’m convinced I will transition off my antiquated website of the last 9 years. So looking forward to trying new things. I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to become and ISTE member and attend my first conference. Connect with me on Twitter @sueatsea


My students will surely be astounded – they LOVE BrainPop!





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